Jaskółka – No. 5, veranda suite


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From the large veranda, you can enjoy the view of snowy mountain tops even in May, and the greenery of the 19th-century park all year round.

A 50 m2 two-room suite on the second floor with a view of Śnieżne Kotły. Walls in all shades of ink bring selected furniture and details to the fore, are calming and inspiring. Rays sliding on salmon-coloured marble lure you into the bathroom. Looking at a park with exotic plants makes you feel like you are in the south of Europe. This was the fashion here in the late 19th century. The railway allowed people to experience the Mediterranean flora and bring a piece of it home. Among the firs and spruces in their parks, the elite of Szklarska Poręba planted rhododendrons, Italian cypresses and Swiss pines, which you can admire from the armchair on the glazed veranda.

Suite for adults only.

Guest services

separate bedroom / king size / desk / bathroom / bath / shower / veranda / wi-fi / sound system / phone charger / safe / coffee / tea

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