Jaskółka Dom i SPA


From the verandas used for summertime basking, the patients of the Heidehaus were soothed by the same blissful view. A new classic has breathed life into the old interiors.

A doctor from nearby Görlitz called the luxury guesthouse from 1896 the Heather House. Later, the facility hosted Brothers of Mercy, and afterwards, Franciscan Sisters: it is their pointy cornets that gave the house the name “Jaskółka” (“Swallow”). Since the 1960s, it has been a resort for Soviet astronauts, and later, for Polish presidents. It took years of work by conservationists to restore Jaskółka to the state it was in a century ago. Design icons look at their reflections in old parquet floors, hang from ornate ceilings and hug the doorframes.

For adults only.

Living room

The heart of the home

Intimate gatherings under an antique Viennese chandelier. Reclining on the porch, fixing your gaze on a book page, flickering fire or the panoramic view of the Giant Mountains.

Drawing room

Relax & unwind

Anecdotes and gossip with a drink in your hand and snacks at your fingertips in a room flooded with sunshine. The adjacent porch is there for you to feast your eyes on the mountain tops seen through the haze of cigar smoke.


Summer chill enjoyed in an armchair

Summer chill enjoyed in an armchair The landscape featuring the Karkonosze Mountains is enclosed in 19th-century frames built for summer visitors craving the sights of the mountain tops and sunrays, painting the skin with colourful patterns reflecting stained-glass windows.


Full comfort in nature

Cloud-shrouded mountaintops of the Giant Mountains and a large park immersed in the sea of rhododendron flowers can be seen from the glazed porch of the 19th-century gem located on the slope of the Jizera Mountains ridge, breathing the Alpine air.
Meticulously restored woodcarvers’ masterpieces are balanced by the modern simplicity of the interior design. Each bathroom is tiled with stone sourced from a different part of the world, with spring water flowing from faucets.

For adults only.

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SPA by Joanna Popiół

Jaskółka SPA by Joanna Popiół offers treatments of the iconic Biologique Recherche brand and proprietary face and body massages brimming with rituals, sounds of the Tibetan bowls, infusions, fragrant oils, herbs, candles and crystals.



Admire the landscape of the Giant Mountains from a semi-reclined position as the exercise sets your pulse racing as if you were reaching the mountain tops. With the equipment that will immediately capture your attention.


Dining room

Fresh, seasonal produce is at the heart of meals, and in the kitchen, they are transformed into delicious, simple dishes.


Szklarska Poręba

The former “high lungs” of Berlin, with residents arriving here by rail since 1902. Szklarska Poręba, previously known for its glassworks, has become a resort popular with the capital’s inhabitants thanks to its alpine air and spectacular landscapes. It was made famous by Gerhart Hauptmann, writer and soon-to-be Nobel Prize winner, who moved from Berlin to the artists’ colony he established around his home. Szklarska Poręba and the surrounding waterfalls, trails and peaks have featured in many paintings, tapestries and book pages.




Jaskółka Dom i SPA

ul. Wolności 10

58-580 Szklarska Poręba


phone: 537 106 055

e-mail: reservations@jaskolkadom.com


Wrocław: 2 h – 133 km

Praga: 2,3 h – 162 km

Poznań: 3,3 h – 276 km

Berlin: 3,4 h – 277 km


Exact location

Jaskółka stands on the slope of the Jizera Mountains at 750 m above sea level. The entrance to the site is directly from a road that winds steeply uphill. Please be very careful.

Take the train if you like views. It is one kilometre from the Szklarska Poręba Górna station. Shall we order a taxi?