“When you take care of yourself with love and wisdom, you will naturally manifest the beauty of your being, because that is who you are. The secret lies in accepting your own uniqueness and responding to your needs with natural self-care. Fully understanding and being kind to yourself is the source of imperishable beauty.”

Joanna Popiół



Renowned PENT equipment is at your disposal. Luxury Fitness, WaterRower and Woodway.


SPA by Joanna Popiół

“All the elements are constantly present in our body. With every inhalation, we feel a breath of air. Fire cleanses the body of toxins. Our body is made up of 80% water, and the earth represents our entire physical body. So it is beneficial to immerse ourselves in the body and feel the energy of the elements.” – Joanna Popiół


Steaming with resin of exotic wood, or an oil of your choice. After leaving the sauna, take a shower of icy, crystal clear water from a life-giving spring.

Chill zone

Seclusion open 24 hours a day for peace and quiet. Candles and soothing music, or just birdsong, will do the trick.